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Beach information  

Cranmore Shores Association beach is a private, family orientated beach. Beach access is granted to any property owner in  good standing with the association.


       Beach pass is required


Beach Rules

  • Beach pass is required

  • Members and Guests Only

  • No Lifeguard on Duty

  • Swim at Your Own Risk

  • No Pets Allowed on the beach at any time.

  • No Smoking on the beach

  • No Camping or Open Fires

  • No Fireworks

  • Remove all Trash

  • Beach is Open from 6am to 10pm

  • For the safety of swimmers, watercraft and fishing are not permitted in the swimming area roped off by buoys.


Forgot your book... Grab one from

the library or if you have books you have already read, leave them at the library for someone else to read.

Cranmore Shores Library

Boat Storage

  • Boat storage at the beach is permitted from April 15th to November 1st by permit only.

  • Boats must be placed on the boat racks only. You must have an assigned rack space to use the boat racks.

  • Maximum of 2 boats per property allowed.

  • Boats must be removed by Nov 1st.


New boat racks for the beach area. Must have assigned number to use.





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